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Saunders is a Waste Wise facility

We are the clipboard people.

US-Works by Saunders

US-Works by Saunders

"Proudly made in the USA by Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities."

Saunders Mfg. Co., Inc

Saunders Core Products

"We are the clipboard people."

UHU Adhesives

UHU Products

Exclusive US Distributor of UHU adhesives.

Saunders Mfg. Co., Inc. offers an extensive line of "Made in the USA" clipboards and other products for the office and industry emphasizing the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process.

Clipboards and forms holders are available in aluminum, plastic, and hardboard. Promotional customization is available by request.

Saunders is the US distributor of UHU stic, tac, and other adhesive products.

Additionally, as an extension of our relationship and support of community agencies, Saunders is developing the US-Works™ brand to make products manufactured or assembled by Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities commercially available.